• Kobudo

    KOBUDO French Cup Feb’22

    Last Feb’15th was hold the Kobudo French Cup organized by the Karate French Federation (FFK) & Oshiro sensei.It was great event and all kobudokas were super happy to go back to ‘Normal life’ after 2 years without competition due to the pandemic. 4 Kobudo scholls were competing in the French Cup : Matayoshi-kobudo…

  • Kobudo

    Koburyu Kobudo Videos

    European Kobukai has launched their Youtube Channel.In this Channel, you will find latest Kobudo clips with all the Koburyu Kobudo Weapons : Long Staff (Bo) Sai Tonfa Nunchaku Kama Tenaka Some example of clips : You can access to the Channel by clicking here. The European Kobukai Europe website is available at the…

  • Karate

    Koburyu Karate Videos

    Koburyu USA has launched their Youtube Channel covering Karate & Kobudo training.They recorded some videos during Kinjo sensei seminars in USA.This a fantastic video database for all Koburyu practitioner. You can access to the Channel by clicking here.You can consult the USA Koburyu websute at the following URL : https://koburyu.org

  • Kobukai

    Koburyu in Europe

    Kobukai Europe was founded in Europe in 2020 by Jean Smith (6th degree black belt).Jean studied Pangainun karate & Kobudo with Kinjo sensei before the creation of the Koburyu. Jean is considered as French federation expert in France and he is the representative of Kinjo sensei in Europe.In 2019, Kinjo went in Europe…

  • Kobukai

    2021 European Seminar

    European Kobukai organized the summer seminar in July’21.It was a a very special one at it as it the end of the seminar there was black belt test in Kobudo. This test has been performed in front of an impressive board : Kaicho Kinjo sensei Masami Kinjo sensei Guy Sauvin sensei (Koburyu 9th…